Barkarbystaden Kv 15

Size Housing / Retail 25 000 m² / 351 apartments

Location Barkarbystaden, Järfälla 2019-2022

Contractor Sveaviken Bostad, Moko

Housing block under construction in the urban development of Barkarbystaden in Järfälla, Stockholm. Aside from apartments in various sizes and execution, the block contains a kindergarten with a generous courtyard and several commercial spaces, both restaurants, offices and smaller shops and workshop. One of the buildings is dedicated to student housing, with a large common study area on the street level. The residents will have access to a green courtyard with pergolas and a conservatory as well as common roof terraces. Car and bike pools are supplemented by an extensive bike workshop, encouraging a sustainable life style.

The competition, building permit and completion of the project in collaboration with Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder.